Big voxel

A 3D printing plateform, bigger than anything



What is it ?


Printing dimension

Length — ...
Width — ...
Height — ...

Overall dimension

Length — ...
Width — ...
Height — ...



It's a unique large-size FDM 3D Printer. Its large capacity and its capability to print high temperature recycled plastics make it a pivoting point for the creative industry. Using low cost, sustainable materials to produce locally complex and durable goods, in the scale of: chairs, canoes, tables, shelves, automotive parts, makes it a game changer for the industry.
Designed, Engineered and Built in a developing country, it is meant to be put at rough use in all parts of the world.
It can 3Dprint large complex parts in less than a day, using solid materials that will last (ABS, Polycarbonate).


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